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UFO means unidentified flying object which is seen in space. Through the years, many have claimed that there are numerous sightings of UFO in space. However these have not been recognized by scientist s and astronomers.
 In general, studies have established that the issues about UFO observations have been linked to misidentified conventional objects or also known as natural phenomenon.


they've debunked the Naples footage as a water droplet on the camera lens, the fluid motion of the white thing, is merely the camera trying to focus on the object. It's orange and glowing because of the speed its traveling through the atmosphere which causes an air brake effect and  a shit ton of friction making it super heated.. 
This is why NASA uses ceramics in the exterior of their ships.t's 2014, so for all of you who don't know, camera shaking is so you can't get a good look at the obviously fake object.UFO 2013.


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